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Paisley Baby

Hubby and me finally went to GL today after much relentless begging from me. He just hates the place since it gets super-crowded and one gets pushed and shoved when the crowd is at its peak.

But today, being a Monday and all, there was not much people when we were there at about 8pm. We went round but nothing really seems to catch any of our fancies. It was getting frustrating and I just decided that why not that we get a new one for Hubby since I still have loads of leftover ones from last year's celebrations.

We, or rather I, got a few scarves, money envelops and some other miscellaneous stuff. And I got a paisley skirt ! Hubby helped to choose the colour. But it seems that I am still lacking a matching top. That is, until I opened my wardrobe and decided to wear my turquoise top. Apparently, it matched my skirt as it has some turquoise colours in it. Topped with a matching scarf and I'm all set and ready to go.

I couldn't find the exact skirt online but here is an idea for you: