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Wearing: White turtleneck from Zara, Yellow flutter sleeve top from MNG, Levi's Signature Jeans and my most comfortable pair of brown loafers


Yesterday marks the First Week of me wearing the hijab. It has been really hard on me mentally and at times I feel discouraged by people's comments but I'm learning and changing everyday.

What I am encouraged by is the remark made by my sister. When I first visited her, she asked if I was going anywhere else. When I said no, she asked if I had started wearing the hijab. I replied positively and she said 'Good!'. Apparently, she has been wanting to wear the hijab but does not have any friend to confide in (much like me initially!). Though our mom wears it, moms being moms will have lots of unwanted comments which sometimes we just do not want to hear.

Nonetheless, she is at least encouraged that I have started wearing it and she will soon wear it.

P.S. My mum still does not know that I am wearing the hijab. Hehe !