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Feeling a lot better after lunch.

Had my first question of "Why are you wearing that ?!" from a colleague and was momentarily stumped. Thankfully, another colleague put it as "being more devoted to God" which I quite like and will most likely adopt to be my number 1 reason.

Another said that he couldn't get used to me wearing the hijab and the fact that it makes my face look rounder. Not good. Hehe !

One of my previous ex-colleague said that he realised now that I have "insaf" (I wasn't earlier ?!) and made fun of me by saying that the lights are a-ok (his take on me looking like the Facilities Officer who happens to wear the tudung as well). He also tried to take a picture of me (not too discretely either) presumably to make more fun of.

Surprisingly, S and A did not mention anything. L didn't mention it at first and I find that not saying anything helps a lot really. It makes me feel normal and that it doesn't matter what I wear, they are going to treat me the same. A Lead also talked to me as per normal. To those, I say thank you for not noticing me and that is not sarcastic in any way whatsoever and the highest of compliments from me.

But most of all, thanks to my Husband who said that I am beautiful. =)