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Ramadan s not even over and I'm already thinking of Eid, eh ? Women ! Hehe !

Anyway, I was having trouble finding suitable clothes for Eid as I'm afraid my tummy will get in the way and also whether I'll be comfortable enough to walk around. Hubby has sold his bike so it'll be much better if I am comfortable with what I'm wearing walking around under the hot sun or the pouring rain.

So I've thought about it and it's out with the baju kurungs and in with the jubahs (or as some ppl know it as: abayas). It's a one piece so I'll definitely be comfy and there's no hassle about it. Perfect !

After buying 2 nice enough for Eid, I'm now very attracted to it. But I'll have to save money for LO so there's no unnecessary spending to be had !