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Woah !

It has been a long time hasn't it. My last post was 9 weeks ago ! Woah !

Well, I'm happy to report that I have successfully worn a pashmina today. And yes, it does involves using pins. And since I do not have the nice special pins, I had to use the simple ones which are normally used in sewing. Heh !

Anyway, I met a group of African students yesterday on the train on the way back and there were 3 girls in the group. And all of them was wearing the hijab ! One was even wearing the jilbab ! It was great seeing Muslims from other coutries. I didn't interact much with them though I did smile at one of the girls.

And as to answer the question of how did I wear the pashmina, well you can look at the following link:

It's the first method. By the way, the size and material of your pashmina is also essential in making this work. I realise that sometimes when we try something that is seen in a picture or video, we may not always get the same result. I'm guessing that's mostly because of the difference in size and material.

For this method, I can't quite say on what is the size but it is the usual pashmina size. However, do note that it cannot be too big as it might be unwieldy and anything too short may not have enough cloth material for coverage.

Material-wise, it cannot be too flimsy. There are some lower-grade pashminas out there that may not work. The material you're looking should esentially not get wrinkled too easily and also might be slightly difficult to flatten down with your hand.

I hope the above helps you guys !