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To celebrate some manpower movement in the team, Big Boss have decided that we should all go for drinks.

And by drinks, I mean alcoholic drinks.

With the exception of me and 1 or 2 colleagues, the rest of them drink alcohol.

Grated the place we will not be going is a bar/disco per say but it's a place that I will not be comfortable with, being seen by people that I am wearing the hijab and people drinking surrounding me.

I will object and Hubby has also said that I should not go. He feels that it will not give a good image of Islam stating "Don't be one of those people who wears the hijab but giving the wrong impressions, even if you're not doing the haram thing".

I must admit that before wearing the hijab, I wouldn't think twice and just go but just drinking coffee or other alcoholic drinks (Sidenote: I have never drunk any alcoholic drinks. Ever.)

I will reject the offer but a colleague has already called me a spoil sport. I wonder sometimes how am I suppose to reject the offer nicely. Should I just give a white lie and say that I'm busy, give the excuse that my Hubby will not approve (Hubby has no qualms with using him as the excuse. Hehe !) or just state the truth and that I do not feel comfortable wearing a hijab and being seen in such a place.