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Rediscovering Longchamp

I've been so obsessed with Louis Vuitton the past couple of weeks. Decided to take a break and look for more cheaper alternatives to great quality bags. Especially in this economic recession. Plus, our 1 year anniversary is coming up and I have finally decided that Dear can get me a wallet or a bag. I decide because he has decided on his anniversary present: A limited Tournament Edition Adidas Sweater/Cardigan. I'll post pics after he has finally opened up the present !

Looking through, I decided that I have neglected Longchamp. Their Le Pliage bags are absolutely wonderful. Here's a secret:

A black Le Pliage Longchamp bag is like a classic black abaya and hijab. Timless and always a classic.

This one is in Bilberry
This one is in the Bilberry colour. Yummy, isn't it ?

I should know. I wear mine like half to death. But I have something to confess: It's a fake ! But I use it everywhere I go and especially useful on rainy days here in my tropical island since it's waterproof ! Sounds like a keeper eh ?

To tell you the truth, I used to think that Longchamp Le Pliage bags looks cheap and are not worth its price. Now that I have the fake one, I can only deduce that the real ones should be much better ! On top of it, there's a whole range of leather Longchamp bags that looks like the Le Pliage. So you get a great design in an even better material !

Instead of getting that Black Noe from Louis Vuitton (oh how I'll adore you always !), I am contemplating getting a leather bag from Longchamp instead. Look at these beautiful designs !

1. Légende Handbag in Prune/Noir (Reference : 1746455)
2. Veau Foulonné Handbag in Mocha (Reference : 1621021)
3. Culte Handbag in Flannel/Tweed and Black Patent Calfhide Leather(Reference : 1686460)
4. Veau Foulonné Handbag in Orange (Reference : 1906021)
5. Planètes Handbag in Steel (Reference : 1602001)

I hope to pick out number 2 (black though) in time for my China trip. It'll definitely be useful !