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I've tried to wear the hijab to the best of my abilities. And the recent trip has posted some difficulties. (Hey that rhymes!)

But I was sad to hear when a friend remarked "Yah, she also wears it in the bathroom". Maybe it was meant to be a joke but I do not think that way.

Background: We were all tired, pooped out and managed to get a transit hotel to bathe, relax and recuperate. Obviously with 4 (non mahram to me) married couples in the room (we didn't want to waste money getting seperate rooms plus we are all short on cash as it is), I am expected to wear the hijab at all times. Which is what I did. So when the comment came, it was sorta unexpected to me.

I mean isn't it obvious that I can't take off my hijab in front of non-mahram guys ?

Yes, I do make mistakes and I am not perfect. I do wrong things. But wrong is wrong and I try to do right where I can. I'm sorry that you don't see it that way.


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Nov. 4th, 2008 09:50 am (UTC)
Ignore the negativity <3
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