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Oct. 20th, 2008

What I actually wanted to do was my whole week lineup of clothes but I got sidetracked at work and home life just passes by with hari raya visitings and many other social things in my life.

But I did buy a few more tops last week. A shirt and a tshirt from MNG and a top from Zara. I am loving the Zara top (a long sleeved peasant like top) and the shirt from MNG which I'm wearing today. A deep purple shirt with a bit of shirring at the sides. I took the M size which looks a little big on my frame but I think it gives enough coverage.

What I do need are more colourful scarfs and I am loving those from Turkey. If I'd known then, I'd snap up a whole lot of them when I was in Turkey 2-3 years back ! Oh well. But I do also need to know more on how to style this unwieldy pashmina shawls of mine. The excess cloths are killing me !

Hopefully, in time to come, I can amass up enough collections of scarves and hijab approved clothes that I can be proud of. Slowly. One shawl at a time !