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Ramadan s not even over and I'm already thinking of Eid, eh ? Women ! Hehe !

Anyway, I was having trouble finding suitable clothes for Eid as I'm afraid my tummy will get in the way and also whether I'll be comfortable enough to walk around. Hubby has sold his bike so it'll be much better if I am comfortable with what I'm wearing walking around under the hot sun or the pouring rain.

So I've thought about it and it's out with the baju kurungs and in with the jubahs (or as some ppl know it as: abayas). It's a one piece so I'll definitely be comfy and there's no hassle about it. Perfect !

After buying 2 nice enough for Eid, I'm now very attracted to it. But I'll have to save money for LO so there's no unnecessary spending to be had !

Woah !

It has been a long time hasn't it. My last post was 9 weeks ago ! Woah !

Well, I'm happy to report that I have successfully worn a pashmina today. And yes, it does involves using pins. And since I do not have the nice special pins, I had to use the simple ones which are normally used in sewing. Heh !

Anyway, I met a group of African students yesterday on the train on the way back and there were 3 girls in the group. And all of them was wearing the hijab ! One was even wearing the jilbab ! It was great seeing Muslims from other coutries. I didn't interact much with them though I did smile at one of the girls.

And as to answer the question of how did I wear the pashmina, well you can look at the following link:

It's the first method. By the way, the size and material of your pashmina is also essential in making this work. I realise that sometimes when we try something that is seen in a picture or video, we may not always get the same result. I'm guessing that's mostly because of the difference in size and material.

For this method, I can't quite say on what is the size but it is the usual pashmina size. However, do note that it cannot be too big as it might be unwieldy and anything too short may not have enough cloth material for coverage.

Material-wise, it cannot be too flimsy. There are some lower-grade pashminas out there that may not work. The material you're looking should esentially not get wrinkled too easily and also might be slightly difficult to flatten down with your hand.

I hope the above helps you guys !

Back !

And I'm back !

Been quite a while and my life has been a little up and down at the moment. But what is life, if we're not tested by it.

I've made a few polyvore outfits for the yummy mummies in hijabs out there. I've tried keeping the cost down as well well keeping in mind the sweltering heat and heavy downpours that we have in my tropical country. With that I introduce you to 5 different outfits !

maternity hijab #1
maternity hijab #1 - by oonik on Polyvore.com

maternity #3
maternity #3 - by oonik on Polyvore.com

maternity #2
maternity #2 - by oonik on Polyvore.com

Wall Decals

You know what we should have ?

Islamic wall decals. Those nice calligraphic of 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' (saw) and everything else in between in a wall decal form. I would buy those in a heartbeat !

The nearest I could find was this : http://www.khtt.net/page/7077/en and it doesn't even have an option for me to buy it.

Can someone please pick up my idea ?


To celebrate some manpower movement in the team, Big Boss have decided that we should all go for drinks.

And by drinks, I mean alcoholic drinks.

With the exception of me and 1 or 2 colleagues, the rest of them drink alcohol.

Grated the place we will not be going is a bar/disco per say but it's a place that I will not be comfortable with, being seen by people that I am wearing the hijab and people drinking surrounding me.

I will object and Hubby has also said that I should not go. He feels that it will not give a good image of Islam stating "Don't be one of those people who wears the hijab but giving the wrong impressions, even if you're not doing the haram thing".

I must admit that before wearing the hijab, I wouldn't think twice and just go but just drinking coffee or other alcoholic drinks (Sidenote: I have never drunk any alcoholic drinks. Ever.)

I will reject the offer but a colleague has already called me a spoil sport. I wonder sometimes how am I suppose to reject the offer nicely. Should I just give a white lie and say that I'm busy, give the excuse that my Hubby will not approve (Hubby has no qualms with using him as the excuse. Hehe !) or just state the truth and that I do not feel comfortable wearing a hijab and being seen in such a place.
Been a while since I last wrote in here.

It's been almost 6 months and alhamdulillah, all are going well.Only at times do I feel self-conscious now and then when I see other hijab ladies looking/staring/noticing me. I feel as if there's something wrong with what I'm wearing and I start questioning "Is it see-through ? Too tight ?

Nowadays, I prefer something that covers my behind and a hijab that covers the front part. I just feel much better. It's a feeling that I cannot explain.

Anyway, in the lull periods I'm having now, I've decided to view YouTube for ceramahs by Mufti Perlis. Unfortunately, it's in the Malay language.

Interesting and informative, to say the least.


I'm always at a lost on what to wear for an interview ever since I wore the hijab. The classic black pants with white shirt and black hijab is getting boring.

I've decided that I've got to get new interview clothes ! But I need help !

Winter !

Not where I live though !

Going on a holiday with my family and hubby and where we're going... it's going to be freezing cold. And I'm somewhat lost on what to wear. Sure I've been to one other cold country in winter (Turkey) but how to layer it well (I want to look good in pictures) is where I get a bit lost at times

Actually, I can't think of a better weather to wear the hijab. That extra cloth will definitely go a long way in keeping my ears and head warm. Here are some ideas based on similar clothes that I will be bringing along. Hope that it's enough coverage. I just can't stand the cold ! Eeek !

Rediscovering Longchamp

I've been so obsessed with Louis Vuitton the past couple of weeks. Decided to take a break and look for more cheaper alternatives to great quality bags. Especially in this economic recession. Plus, our 1 year anniversary is coming up and I have finally decided that Dear can get me a wallet or a bag. I decide because he has decided on his anniversary present: A limited Tournament Edition Adidas Sweater/Cardigan. I'll post pics after he has finally opened up the present !

Looking through, I decided that I have neglected Longchamp. Their Le Pliage bags are absolutely wonderful. Here's a secret:

A black Le Pliage Longchamp bag is like a classic black abaya and hijab. Timless and always a classic.

This one is in Bilberry
This one is in the Bilberry colour. Yummy, isn't it ?

I should know. I wear mine like half to death. But I have something to confess: It's a fake ! But I use it everywhere I go and especially useful on rainy days here in my tropical island since it's waterproof ! Sounds like a keeper eh ?

To tell you the truth, I used to think that Longchamp Le Pliage bags looks cheap and are not worth its price. Now that I have the fake one, I can only deduce that the real ones should be much better ! On top of it, there's a whole range of leather Longchamp bags that looks like the Le Pliage. So you get a great design in an even better material !

Instead of getting that Black Noe from Louis Vuitton (oh how I'll adore you always !), I am contemplating getting a leather bag from Longchamp instead. Look at these beautiful designs !

1. Légende Handbag in Prune/Noir (Reference : 1746455)
2. Veau Foulonné Handbag in Mocha (Reference : 1621021)
3. Culte Handbag in Flannel/Tweed and Black Patent Calfhide Leather(Reference : 1686460)
4. Veau Foulonné Handbag in Orange (Reference : 1906021)
5. Planètes Handbag in Steel (Reference : 1602001)

I hope to pick out number 2 (black though) in time for my China trip. It'll definitely be useful !


I've tried to wear the hijab to the best of my abilities. And the recent trip has posted some difficulties. (Hey that rhymes!)

But I was sad to hear when a friend remarked "Yah, she also wears it in the bathroom". Maybe it was meant to be a joke but I do not think that way.

Background: We were all tired, pooped out and managed to get a transit hotel to bathe, relax and recuperate. Obviously with 4 (non mahram to me) married couples in the room (we didn't want to waste money getting seperate rooms plus we are all short on cash as it is), I am expected to wear the hijab at all times. Which is what I did. So when the comment came, it was sorta unexpected to me.

I mean isn't it obvious that I can't take off my hijab in front of non-mahram guys ?

Yes, I do make mistakes and I am not perfect. I do wrong things. But wrong is wrong and I try to do right where I can. I'm sorry that you don't see it that way.